Rice Experiment Station

Rice in California, Beyond 100 Years of Varietal Development

California Cooperative Rice Research Foundation, Inc.
1912 to 2012 Centennial Booklet of the Rice Experiment Station

CCRRF RES, The First Solar-Powered Rice Breeding Station in USA

     The Rice Experiment Station of the California Cooperative Rice Research Foundation, Inc., has been generating electricity through its solar panels since December 30, 2011. To view the live solar energy generated and its equivalent savings in terms of gallons of gas saved or tons or CO2 not emitted, please click this link.

Solar panels on the south side of the Rice Experiment Station


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     During the annual Rice Field Day of the Rice Experiment Station, about 300 to 350 visitors tour the experiments and yield test plots of released varieties and elite breeding lines. Rice types bred and produced by the Station include Calrose (medium grain), long grain (conventional, aromatic, and basmati), short grain (conventional, waxy, and low amylose), premium quality grain (short and medium), and bold grain.
Rice Experiment Station Staff
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